01 January 2007

it had started to darken. ever so slightly by the minute. the orange glow crept in. bit by bit, peeking through the little windows framed in that deep forest green. stains appeared, lightly, but beautifully, in the warm, welcoming shade of chrome yellow. then, as if a sponge was at work, the soft hue concentrated, leaving it ever so beautifully clad in misty blue satin and the softest of white crinkled chiffon.

the scent, travelling through the thin thin air, had filled the space. it was pleasant: musky and slightly sweet, just enough to make one realise its presence. one step closer and you realise, those elegant pearls and crystals, so cleverly strung and woven into the satin, creating brilliant trails and tassels that twinkled when light was shone upon.

and then, it was gone.
but you know it'll be back.

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