15 January 2007

if you have speakers, you would have noticed that i have a song playing on my blog. even if you dont hear it, it is playing and you should have seen that additional section i have on my navigation column. yes it is on auto play because its a very nice song and i think everyone should hear it no matter what and its just in me to force ideas onto ppl a little. so if you have heard it and decide to turn it off, just click the green button that says pause.

about the song

the singer is olivia ong and she's a singaporean girl based in tokyo, japan. this is her 4th album, "girl meets bossa nova II". the title of the song is "so nice" (emma bunton has sung it before) and it is just simply so nice (literally). the lyrics of the song were featured in my previous post. another song that i've heard from her is "one note samba" which is also really nice but i have yet to find it. her other songs like "one note samba" (previous singer that i know of is frank sinatra) and "make it mutual" are very nice too. you can listen/download them here. i do think her album is available in hmv and she's going to perform in nus come march.


ps. a million thanks to jy who helped me look for the downloads and also the streaming site.

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Pongpan said...

I also love Olivia's Song.

Here comes the rain drop.