31 January 2007

so february is slowing creeping up behind january to kick the latter in the butt. in january i celebrate my birthday and therefore january is one of my favourite months of the year. then comes february together with its nice little friends called CNY and VDay. so i like february too! well you can probably now guess that, basically, i just like any month during which i can hold a small(or big) celebration for a special occasion! this includes festivals such as the dragon boat festival and the mid-autumn festival. somehow that makes only march and sometimes november the months that i don't really like. then again, i can always celebrate special occasions on non-special days! ^^ but i digress. let's just move on back to february.

so i'm going to wrap this post around february and more specifically, valentine's day. come february and people start gearing up themselves for this particular day. gifts, flowers, chocolates, dates! although i'm not a detractor of valentine's day, i do know of cynics who regard this 45th day of the year as a complete sham and just a marketing strategy for many potential benefitting companies and merchants. is valentine's day really overrated? maybe.

but hoax or not, how can you not be affected by the festive spirit around you on this particular day? i guess you don't have to have a valentine to enjoy celebrating valentine's day, do you? it is, after all, a day that is dedicated to sharing love amongst people. it is true that sharing love should not be limited to only one pathetic day of the year, but since there is such a day in the calendar, why not fully exploit make use appreciate it! and since love knows no boundaries, i can also share my love with my friends and family(alright, it simply just means i don't have valentine, but being "date-less" isn't a crime!).

so while all of you are busy fussing over valentine's day, be it believers rushing to get gifts and tokens ready or non-believers snobbing their way through the "festive" mood, i'm gonna make little plans for valentine's day, my way, the way which makes me happy(while loving others, i have to love myself too right? and yeah, i do have the tendency to force things upon people sometimes. but i do make sure they are good things!).

should i tell you to get ready for my presents? or are you already rubbing your hands in excitement?

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