17 January 2007

glazed nuts and molten chocolate & marshmallow tartlets

what a day for baking! its the first ever time i've tried my hands on baking more than one thing in a day and i'm quite glad with the results.

Glazed Nuts

200g raw mixed nuts (i used almonds and walnuts)
50g sugar
1-2 tbsp water
1 sachet jasmine tea powder
sesame seeds to toss nuts in (optional)

Put nuts, sugar and water into pan and stir over medium high heat.
When all the sugar has melted, turn the heat down and add jasmine tea powder. mix to coat the nuts evenly.
Sprinkle sesame seeds over the glazed nuts and toss to coat.
Spoon nuts over waxed paper to cool. store in air tight container.

i have been wanting to make glazed nuts for a very long time (actually i think it has been a year) but did not have the time to try out recipes that i've looked up on the internet (you should now realise that i'm a procrastinator by nature). Christiane of 28cooks prompted me to get my hands on making glazed nuts with those wonderful pictures and recipes. i tweaked the recipe a little and added a little water when glazing the nuts as i always had problem melting the sugar when heating them dry. the jasmine tea that i was using was also not as fragrant and flavourful as i wanted it to be. i do think they make nice presents for friends and such when put in a pretty glass bottle decorated with dollies and ribbons!

Molten Chocolate & Marshmallow Tartlets

i loved the concept that i had for my marshmallow tarts. when served warm the tops of these tarts were crisp from the toasted marshmallows and the molten chocolate filling oozes out with the prick of the fork. BUT! these cute little babies of mine were too sweet. and the tart shells were actually made with the mixture left from my cheesecake baking and did not hold as well as a normal tart shell would have and my tarts were bottomless when i removed them from the mould. so before i finalise the recipe and bake a proper tart, you'll just have to be satisfied with pictures!

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