27 December 2007


Here are some photos I promised! Wishing all a Merry Merry twelve days of Christmas! (I'm just saying it because I'm late for an actual Christmas greeting)

21 December 2007

Touch Down!

And yes I'm back! Almost 2 days ago to be exact. But well, it's the festive period and parties and gatherings are all coming up so it might be a while more till I have time to post. But I'll get some pictures of my trip up soon! I promise!

03 December 2007

Short and Sweet

And so this post shall be. Alright, maybe not so much of sweet, but short at least.

After an extra long hiatus, ugly biscuits and forgetting my blog's birthday, I'm going to leave you guys (and my blog) once again as I take a long awaited trip! So, I'll be setting off tomorrow on a tour to Europe with my family. We'll be visiting Paris, Pisa, Rome, Venice, Lucerne, Innsbruck and Brussels, to name a few. I'm excited about the weather, the shopping, the scenery, the food, the souvenirs, basically everything!

I'll be gone for 16 days so I'll be in time for Christmas. Which will kick start another busy festive period with all the present-making, baking and Christmas shopping and partying. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a post or two before the end of the year!

Till then, have a happy December!