29 October 2006

last night, i had a dream about you.
in this dream i'm dancing right beside you.
and it looked like everyone was having fun.
the kind of feeling i've waited so long...

it probably seems like i'm very difficult to satisfy. and it probably has to do with the vast number of hobbies and things that i enjoy doing. things that are not supposed to be enjoyed by 1 person. i think.

instructions: make a complete sentence which includes 5 or more of the following words.

drawing; baking; cooking; photography; dress-making; accessory-making; travelling; gardening.

it seems like a dream. but i hope it comes true. to be able to combine all my interests into one. but that probably means i have to work my ass off to get enough money to start doing something that combines all i enjoy. its daunting. the fact that i've come so far, and maybe end up with something i dont enjoy doing for the rest of my life. and it also is scary to think that something you enjoy would not feed you. i dont know which is worse. but i hope i experience neither.

maybe, maybe i'll wind up doing nothing that has anything to do with what i've studied. would that have been a waste then? i choose not to think that way. i probably wouldnt have been here typing this if i havent gone through anything that i have in the past 19 years, waste or not, i enjoy this sweet after-taste as much as i detested the moment when i had the bitter morsel in my mouth.

to have come this far and look back the past 19 years, time has gone by. very quickly, too. i do not linger, i do not regret. i have to move on. even if whats in front is blurred by the mist, i know i will make it.

dont stop, come a little closer.

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