21 October 2006

today is ondeh ondeh day! haha... well my first attempt at trying to make ondeh ondeh... now i wonder why ppl make such a fuss over ondeh ondehs... they're fairly easy to make in my opinion... mashed sweet potato, glutinous rice flour, water/coconut milk, tapioca flour, pinch of salt, chopped gula melaka, grated coconut and you'll be all set to go... it does seem like a long list but compared to baking its so much easier... its just like making tang yuan... knead, roll, cook... and viola... of coz there are some tricks of the trade, like how long to cook it and how to get the gula melaka to melt all but with that tiny little bit of solid sugar crystal left... but thats fairly easy... i think probably the most difficult would be to make sure your ondeh ondehs dont burst from over cooking... haha... some of mine did but its still nice! =D~

i didnt weigh out my ingredients like in the recipes i got from... i just estimated and so long as i formed a nice dough... but you can find an ondeh ondeh recipe right here... but you can improvise!

i made some purple ondeh ondehs in tribute to minghui for indirectly reminding me to try out making ondeh ondehs... haha... i just substituted the japanese sweet potatoes that i used in the first batch to the purple sweet potatoes...

i REALLY like the colour! haha... they're so VIBRANT! and just look exceptionally cute after coated with dessicated coconut...

ME: i think ondeh ondehs should be coated only with a little coconut... too much coconut and it wont be cute already

MOTHER: you making toy or what?!

ME: must be ASTHETICALLY PLEASING also mah! (i'm definitely an art student!)

seriously... i'm damn full from all the ondeh ondehs... i think i probably ate 10... and i'm STUFFED... i think i made about 60 ondeh ondehs... about 25 for my father which had just coconut filling coz he's diabetic and i brought some over to my nanny... and i still have a lot left over! will have them tmr... haha... i'll die from ondeh ondeh poisoning... next time... i shall try using pulut hitam(black glutinous rice) to make the ondeh ondehs... =D~

*declares that all deepavalis shall be ondeh ondeh day!*

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