02 November 2006

enjoy the company. or rather, the absence of. what's more therapeutic than spending a day, a full day, all by yourself doing next to nothing? i am blessed. for i have, today, spent a day alone with nobody beside me to talk and a day without any disturbance. doing nothing has never felt this right. even if the weather didnt work out the way i had wanted it to, it was good enough.

sentosa had never felt so serene. even though a 45 min downpour dampened my spirits and deprived me of great sun for tanning, the hours at sentosa was good. with lower chances, though by no means 0 (for i met an ex-classmate of mine who was studying at the tourism academy), of meeting someone i know at sentosa, i enjoyed a full day of peace. reading, sun-tanning, spending 1 hour to sip a cuppa at delifrance, had never felt so appropriate. it wouldnt have been as refreshing at any other delifrance outlets on mainland sg. and sleeping out without any roof over my head or mattress or pillows or blankets never felt this good as well. sleeping on siloso beach with the sea breeze and the partially clouded up, but still a working tanning device nonetheless, sun, surpassed any air conditioned bedroom. the hustle and bustle of sg is just too stifling. sentosa, on a weekday, a rainy weekday no less, was just right.

however, i wished i lived somewhere else. no, its not about being singaporean. its about living somewhere with a bigger land area, somewhere where i can go around escaping from my usual circle, from ppl that i know... somewhere with more nature, more breathable space...

perth. if i lived in perth i would definitely make trips to rottnest if i needed break times like today's. spending a day on rottnest would be therapeutic. definitely. or anywhere else in the world. i want to be able to make trips to places near home yet be far away. so near yet so far. yeah. thats how i wanna feel. and i want to indulge in clean, fresh air and beautiful lush greens. rottnest would be perfect! so would some spot in japan or english countryside. oh basically almost everywhere besides sg.

i am also blessed, for i have skin that tans perfectly. at least the way i want it to. nothing cheers me up more to return to my mirror with bronzed skin reflected after a day at sentosa.

would definitely want to experience it more often. emotional therapy.

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