21 November 2006

do you understand the bias attitudes of parents toward their own children? how one could be nagged at for every single thing that didnt seem to be "right" while the other could do the exact same thing and be easily "pardoned" for their "accidental mistakes"? is it just human nature to show favouritism?

sometimes parents whip up excuses such as,

"i expect more from you, that is why i am strict with you."
"you are elder, so i want you to set a good example."

well if that is so, higher expectations definitely isnt such a good thing. good examples wouldnt be that good either.

the parents in question do not realise how biased opinions would affect their children. it just isnt right. wouldnt you think that the child whom you're biased against be hurt in every single possible way? what would he/she think? more often than not, the child that has been "protected" all along would definitely, as i speak from self experience, turn into spoilt brats. yes. SPOILT BRATS that have to waited on. spoilt brats who cant even lift a finger to turn off the fan, who cant even bother to lock the door when he/she is going out, but can and will most willingly splurge on every single "necessity", which i call LUXURY, without even caring how much they cost. you name it, she has it.


- anna sui makeup shipped in from overseas. checked.
- a toolbox (and i do mean a worker's toolbox) full of makeup that were all bought from japan. CHECKED. CHECKED. DOUBLE CHECKED.
and if you were to ask how much it cost all you get is "oh, i dont know. when i want to buy things, i dont look at the price tags." (say it in the omg-i'm-a-bitchy-snob-and-i-look-down-on-you-who-look-at-price-tags tone) HOW FUCKING IRRITATING IS THAT? its not even HER money. and truth be told, she has never WORKED. not after 'O' levels, and not during her sem breaks. why am i not surprised. beware of parasites in your houses. *and the makeup doesnt seem to do its job at beautifying anyway.*
- lanvin, issey miyake, ralph lauren perfumes. checked.
- 30+ tops from topshop and dorothy perkins and other clothing that occupy 3 closets. checked.
- at least 10 bags that are at least 50bucks each. checked.
- 50+ cds and dvds that are shipped in from overseas. checked.
- a library bookshelf full of manga. checked.

*disclaimer: the list is (yeah you guessed it) BY NO MEANS EXHAUSTIVE. the "collector" is STILL IN THE PROCESS OF ACQUIRING.*


of coz not all spoilt brats are the products of favouritism. some are just born to be a spoilt brat. and VERY COINCIDENTALLY, the spoilt brat at home and the spoilt brat in school turn out to have the same first name! dammit. dont name your daughters Melissa. it was a computer virus but the corruption doesnt seem to turn out in computers but in the form of spoilt brats. but, i digress.

will i, or you, ever become the parent in question?

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