17 November 2006

happiness comes in many different forms... since the year is almost coming to an end... maybe i shall pay tribute to a few happiest moments of the year!

in chronological order:

* being in a park filled with sakura trees in full bloom. believe me... no photos will ever do the sight any justice. once you've been there yourself, be standing there surrounded with all those delicate pink blooms, you'll never wanna forget that moment. and all the photos you develop after returning just dont seem right.

* liberating myself from the cuffs that i've put on myself for the past years. it shows a lot when something you do makes you feel absolutely free and liberated. my haircut is just one way which i show how i've stepped out from the shadows.

* watching the nafa school collection sashay down the runway. i've blogged about this before and nothing can beat that sense of satisfaction and pride.

* last but not least, receiving a letter from blu inc media to congratulate me on winning a $400 ALDO voucher! woohoo!! dont you just LOVE it when lady luck shines on you! i'm gonna go shoe shopping to feed my shoe and boot fetish! *yay!*


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