08 September 2007


I can finally breathe! After 2 weeks of sleepless nights and working at wee hours of the day, I get my long deserved break. Not a total breakaway from school but at least I can relax a little.

I took the photos of these moomin biscuits quite some time ago, but have yet to have the time to post time here. I admit I was attracted by their cute appearance and packaging (Mama taught me that first impressions count), but don't you think they're cute?! I bought them at Daiso, the $2-chain. Besides being cute, they do taste good, a little like regular baby biscuits. What I really like about them is that the box contained 2 small air-tight packs of biscuits, which really solves the problem of having to find an air-tight container if I couldn't finish all the biscuits at one go. But I did also realise that they don't soften as quickly as most other biscuits when left out of their packagings.

Besides eating and photographing, I did play a little with those little moomin characters... Shh~ don't tell my mum!

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Graeme said...

No way! Moomin biscuits!

I used to watch the Moomins every morning before school, but there was a period where they were terrorised by some ghost thing - That scared the hell out of me.