29 September 2007

When Time Isn't On Your Side...

You make sandwiches!

Alright, that's not exactly what you should be doing when you've got no time on your hands and lecturers are hounding you for your assignments. When that happens, you simply forgo sleep and lunch to fulfil your duties as a student. Sandwich-making should be the last thing on your mind.

BUT! If you know me enough, it just doesn't make sense to not whip up something to eat when you're at home with a refrigerator full of ingredients to use! So for the 2 days when I stayed at home, barely sleeping 3 hours a day, I ate sandwiches for lunch. Very good sandwiches.

Day1: Ham, cucumber and double cheese.

Day 2: Ham, tomato, egg and double cheese.

I don't think you would need a recipe for my sandwiches because, honestly, I didn't use one. Fact is, they don't *require* cooking, except the poached egg. But I do swear by toasting my sandwiches after assembly and before eating. One, when there's cheese, the heat would melt it and who doesn't like melted cheese?! (If you don't like melted cheese, I think there's something wrong somewhere) Two, I like my bread toasted warm and slightly crispy.

Another reason for not using a recipe is just simply because you might not like mine. I like to spread mustard and sweet chilli sauce on my bread before layering on the sandwich filling. You might not like that mustard and chilli combination. I always try to have some kind of "plant material" like tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and/or onions in my sandwich. You might not like tomatoes. Or lettuce. Or cucumbers. Or you just don't like vegetables altogether. Which makes you like my sister and previous Biology lecturer and not very healthy.

So, it makes things easy, just focus on getting the best ingredients. I'm not one for white bread. Like white, white bread. If I had any choice, I would get bread that has something, anything, that makes it not white. And I like crusty, chewy bread. My favourite bread to go to currently is the Savoury Delight Loaf from Gardenia. But, it seems like it isn't available now. Maybe because Bonjour has one that's exactly the same, just in a different shape and not as chewy. But the addition of sun-dried tomatoes and herbs makes it really good. Even if eaten on its own.

Well, maybe you should start your own sandwich-making session now. I think I might have ran out of things to say about my sandwiches.

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