24 July 2007


Well, yeah. It is a salad. Yet again. But this time, I'm not quite liking it. Okie, I was inspired by this when I decided to try making what I made. I've had and made barley salads before, but in a different way and my mushrooms were begging to be used and I just thought, why not? I didn't follow the reference recipe to a T, (Okie, I confess, I didn't follow it! Except for the idea of putting mushrooms, onions and barley together.) so I'm not saying I don't like what 28 cooks has done!

Here's what I did differently:
- I didn't have balsamic vinegar and I wasn't keen on substituting apple cider vinegar or black rice vinegar for it so I used terrayaki sauce. Very different, I know! But hey, terrayaki sauce is nice! With mushrooms at least.
- I didn't only mix the cooked barley and sauteed mushrooms with the "dressing". I actually dumped the barley into the pan with the mushrooms and dressing to "fry". I thought it would taste better warm. (And it did, because it tasted quite horrible cold/at room temperature.)

I actually like all the individual ingredients that I've used, but put them all together and something just isn't right. I think it was too heavy, which probably was my fault, because I decided on terrayaki sauce instead of balsamic vinegar.

So why am I posting this? Well, because I took photos before tasting and decided it looked quite alright photographed and also because I'm running out of things to post about. Tee hee.

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