15 July 2007

For the Child in Me

When I posted about nostalgic foods back in this post, I forgot about something. I forgot about these small little munchies I used to have as a kid. They tasted great back then, still do now, and I also know, in my head, that it's all sugar! But that doesn't stop me from reliving my childhood.

Honestly, I got quite excited when I found out that an old provision store opposite my alma mater sold these goodies! And quite cheaply too. Now, I don't think it was the taste that got me all excited and sentimental, but the way it was presented. Fact is, it was the same as before. Those square, gold-ish metal tins with a clear plastic panel on each of the 4 sides for customers to see the goods. Stacked upon one another, the biscuit tins held memories of my childhood days when I used to go shopping with my nanny at the market. Everything about that provision store was nostalgic too. The wooden carved-out signboard, tarnished metal grilled fans, old turquoise weighing scale, small plastic bucket hung from the ceiling for keeping money and, the shop owner. Hee.

I couldn't resist the temptation to buy myself some treats home to savour. Back to the old times! Well, young times. In all the excitement, my maths slowed down. By the time it started working out fine again, I had such a big pack of chocolate-filled wafer that I was taken aback. I sort of "realised" that $2 worth of wafer priced at $5/kg meant I had bought nearly 1/2kg of it. Whoever knew $2 could buy THAT much wafer! But I wasn't going to leave with ONLY wafer! So I learnt my lesson. I used weight as a measurement instead of money. 200g of these and 100g of that.

Now, time to go home and work those jaws!

Thong Tat
Blk 18 Bedok South Rd


Mae said...

I used to eat all of these too! I must say that i would still like to eat them. But they don't sell these here. Agh!

SteamyKitchen said...

I love those cookies too!