22 June 2007



I thought I wanted to introduce, to the however many (or few) people who read my blog, my house parrot. A new family member (he's my uncle's actually, and my uncle lives with us), together with 2 cockatiels, he's quite adorable and, at times, a pain the ass (he bites me when I don't have food for him, it's a long long story). He's about 4 months old, the size of a small chicken and is trying to learn how to speak. Right now he says "harlow", an incomplete "how are you" and mimics the sound "doudou" made when car doors are opened with remote-control keys.

While trying to type this out, I was thinking how long it had been since I posted something non-food related. Apparently, since late February or early March, 99.999% of what I've been blogging about were somehow edible and occasionally, caused much distress for some of my friends (you know who you are!) who drop by. But you know, sooner or later, you get to eat something that I make. Let that be of utmost comfort whenever you feel tortured at 2am in the morning and feel hungry from visiting my humble blog.

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