15 June 2007

Cherry Tomatoes or How to Diet and Still Have Midnight Snacks

These are probably the healthiest snacks that I'm ever gonna have. Back when I was in TJ, I used to have cherry tomatoes all the time, for break time, lunch and whatever! Especially during the times we rushed for coursework submission and studied for exams, these tomatoes were a hit among me, my teacher and a few of my friends. They kept me away from junk food and kept me at the pink of my health despite all the late nights, irregular meals and stress. I like my tomatoes slightly on the green side because I don't like mushy tomatoes. They're cheaper than most chips, full of flavour yet much healthier. All you have to do is wash them and they're ready to eat. (The supermarket should employ me as their promoter!) The tomatoes in the photos are halved because I used them in a salad (which I will post about later) and the photos of whole cherry tomatoes weren't worth uploading.


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