11 April 2007

Orange Overdose

"You're a very hands on person, aren't you?"

Oh most definitely! I like to put my hands to work and make things for myself. Of course it always includes the people around me (because I so like to share ^^).I like the accomplishment of completing something that I start from scratch. From the whole process of seeing something grow to enjoying successful results is just so satisfying. Not forgetting the compliments I will receive! Aha!

Orange and Grapefruit Cheesecake

Are you tired of cheesecake already? Because I don't think my cheesecake stint is going to stop soon. Well, blame it on Peabody! She just had to make cheesecake the theme for the 10th HHDD. And what happens when you have a sudden influx of new, interesting and exotic cheesecake recipes flooding your must-try list? You bake cheesecakes!

I did mention that I was going through an orange craze and this cheesecake was not spared from being drenched (literally) in all that orange. With grapefruit and navel orange zest in the crumb base and cheese filling, the citrus segments as topping and a drizzle of orange caramel sauce, it definitely screamed orange! The cake was looking pretty like a flower topped with oranges and grapefruits, it wasn't as great tasting as I would have liked it to be. I had used the same basic recipe as my other 2 shots at cheesecakes but integrated Helene's method of whipping the egg whites to stiff peaks and folding them into the rest of the batter. It was a little lighter in texture than the previous cheesecakes but not enough. But there's always a next time and the full recipe for a pillow cheesecake! Nevertheless, my teacher, whose birthday the cake was meant for, and everybody else enjoyed it.

I would have taken more photographs if the lights in our studio/office were brighter but they refused to allow the photographs taken with my SLR to be slightly brighter than pitch black. The few pathetic photographs were done outside of the studio under natural light after I managed to sneak a slice out with my camera. You don't take the whole cake from the birthday girl out into the sun so that you can take photographs of it and post it onto your blog!


Brilynn said...

I think that's why I like cooking and baking so much, because I get rewarded with a completed task every time. Your cheesecake looks delicious.

Mae said...

I want a slice of this cheesecake! Which recipe did you prefer best? I'd like to have a go too. :)

The mini cheesecake you previously made looked divine in its mini bakeware. I wish i could find those here.

They all look lovely.