02 December 2006

if you considered how scatterbrained i was when i baked this loaf of cranberry nut bread, you would definitely applaud me for having acheived the unachievable. yes. the loaf was edible. and it turned out quite well actually.

the tragic happenings my cranberry nut bread (shall be called CNB from now on. no its got nothing to do with drugs or police. the only white powdery substances that were in my mixing bowl were flour and baking powder.) experienced are as follows...

1. after mixing the wets and the drys together, i realised the "batter" was more like a "dough". i had to incoporate everything using my hands to knead, instead of stirring and folding like making cake batter. was it really supposed to be so dry? the recipe mentioned "batter". would discover later, to my extreme horror, that i missed out an important ingredient.

2. the plate of grated orange zest was sitting right under my nose and i forgot all about it. so i decided to just sprinkle it over my loaf.

3. when filling up my loaf pan, i realised, to my utmost embarrassment, that i had forgotten to preheat my oven. oh god. this isnt my first time.

4. this is where my nightmare began. looking at the loaf pan filled with my "batter", i asked myself what i could have probably missed out. and there, the small voice from my "batter" whispered, "YOU FORGOT EGGS YOU IDIOT!". OH GOD! so i had to take my "batter" out of the buttered loaf pan, crack and beat up 2 eggs, then clumsily and awkwardly try to incoporate the eggs to make the real batter.

5. my loaf didnt rise as much as i would like it to. it probably had to do with the fact that my eggs werent added when they were really supposed to, resulting the the loss of air in the batter. or maybe i should have double sifted my drys. it could also be the fact that i forgot to preheat my oven.

6. my loaf cant come out of my pan. so i had to try to get it out by running the knife along the sides and also try to scoop it out. a small bit of the bottom got stuck onto the pan.

i'm sorry CNB.

i cut the loaf into slices and popped them into the toaster for a few minutes and gave them a thick spread of cranberry jam that i had made previously. i believe honey and cream cheese would work well too.

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