31 July 2011


Small Talk is undergoing a design revamp!
Since I'm not officially into my break yet, this might take awhile.
In the meantime, do pardon the awkwardness of the template-style designs.

So, this is about it for now!
Hopefully the fresher outlook will inspire me to blog more often!
(I just realised I have only 5 blog posts this year. And I think only about half is food related.)

24 July 2011

Herb & Garlic Butter

I promised a few recipes as a follow-up to my pantry's essential four and seeing that I haven't posted a recipe in ages, I thought it was time to pull something out from my back log to update this poor, neglected space! There's actually a post about lemon cake somewhere in my drafts but that shall be for another time. I was food-blog surfing when I chanced upon umami butter on Delicious:Days and remembered I had wanted to do a post on herb and garlic butter.

10 July 2011

Pantry Essentials: The Fantastic Four

Although I haven't been blogging, I've been preparing lunchboxes for myself to bring to work the past few weeks as part of a diet plan that I have with a fellow colleague who's getting married. I've come to realise I almost cannot do without these fabulous herbs and spices in my cooking. Garlic is definitely a must have; love the punch a chili padi can add to anything; fresh and juicy homegrown limes are much better than the ones from the supermarket while fragrant coriander is my favourite herb to add in Asian-inspired dishes. I already have a few recipes that involve the fantastic four (maybe sometimes three) so, watch this space!

So, what's in your pantry?