27 November 2010

The Food Blog Dilemma with Green Tea Azuki Scones

I love cooking, and that's why you, who are reading this, is doing so right here. I like to put ingredients together, take pretty photographs of them and share, both in terms of feeding my friends/family and my self-proclaimed "recipes". But having a food blog poses a problem.

When a kitchen escapade produces somewhat good results, I inevitably want to revisit the recipe again, like going to a good restaurant again and again. But then, what do I post? Obviously it doesn't make sense posting a recipe twice and considering the fact that I grace my blog that few times a year, the two posts will definitely be back to back. I've made roasted vegetables at least 5 times and varied takikomi-gohan so many times for almost every lunchbox I made.

On the other hand, having a food blog and does push me to try new things and be adventurous in the kitchen. Reading the various food blogs out there also helps inspire me and give me new ideas.

So, where exactly is this going? Well, actually, what I'm really trying to say is, forgive me when I space my posts sparsely, when I leave out recipes or even when I post only photographs and a bare description. Just like this one.

Basically, it is the same recipe as this, substituting strawberries for 2 tablespoons of powdered green tea and some sweet azuki that comes in a can all the way from Japan. Brilliant with some cold milk. I've also used the same recipe for a blueberry version. Perfect for lazy afternoons.
An update from the previous time I posted this recipe, as the dough is quite soft and tend to spread and lose their shape when on a baking sheet, I found that the scones bake up much prettier if I put them in moulds, fluted no less!

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