10 November 2008

Lost and Found

Doudou's been found! He was sent to the AVA on Tuesday and we just got him back today. His flying licence has since been suspended until further notice. Thank you all for your well wishes and help.

this goes out to all those who happen to live around the old airport road area (guillemard road, mountbatten, pine close, cassia cresent).

my pet parrot (african grey), doudou, is missing. the last we saw of him was when he flew out our bedroom window in pine close towards cassia cresent at 7pm on 10 nov (mon). he needs to be fed special bird feed twice a day by syringe. we're very worried for his safety and well-being.

if you find him, or any parrot that looks like him roaming in the area, pls contact me at melon_tea[at]hotmail[dot]com.

i'd greatly appreciate your help. thanks

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