31 March 2008

Arrival of Spring

It's the end of March and I haven't got around to posting any of my foodie-ventures yet. I managed to squeeze time in to bake some, bread pudding, some brownies, apple tarts, but I've been too busy and lazy (though I don't know how the two can coexist).

There's obviously a lot of things that I want to do and similarly, a lot of things that I do not. But it seems I don't have a choice but to conform. Except for a couple of exceptions like skipping school (today) to finish up some work and gather myself before I start my never-ending rat race to the finish line. For this period of time, my stocked-up secret pantry comes into great use for the easy, ready-to-eat snacks of biscuits and finger food like the sesame longers (above) and when I feel extravagant, a couple of quick-fix sandwiches.

The sesame longers I bought at Daiso, the Japanese $2 lifestyle chain, and the petit croissants from Le Petit Provence at Central, the new mall at Clarke Quay. Le Petit Provence is the sister chain of the Provence at Holland Village. I would like to say more, but somehow my mind is a little jammed up at the moment. But that leaves another post to look forward to! Though that might take a little longer than expected.

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Eunice said...

oh, muh word. your pictures put me in awe, to shame, whateverrr...your baking is awesome, and you're a designer!?? and you've gone to europe!


may i do just almost as much.

haha, no but really, I love your blog! your pictures are to die for.