10 January 2008

I'm Alive!

Yup! Well and kicking! I've been neglecting my blog for quite some time, although I seriously wonder if anybody besides MH realised. Saying sorry for that is so overrated, am I right? I've been cooking and baking bits here and there, fiddled with perfectly fine recipes and gotten disastrous results, etc. Thing is I really want to bake and cook more and photograph even more, but my sister's been waking up way past my "shooting studio's" premium sunlight-receiving hours. Plus it's monsoon season and I don't seem to be able to get my camera on my tripod (I must be stupid). So it gets a bit depressing to photograph when light conditions are poor.

Apple and Cranberry Cake

Okay, so excuses aside. I have a recipe to share! Bea's recipe, to be exact. Apple and cranberry cake. Really easy and quick. I'm not going to post it here because I didn't make drastic changes to it: decreasing the sugar a little and tossing in some fresh cranberries with the dried ones. And you so should visit her site if you haven't done so before! I think I might add more fresh cranberries next time or just use it solely because I like the sourish juices it lends to the whole cake. I also sprinkled some cinnamon and sugar on top before baking so it would neutralise the sour cranberries a little.

The photos below have got nothing really to do with this post, but I thought I'll just show you that I've truly been cooking and baking recently. Hehe.

Cold Cha-soba

This is my idea of comfort food! The cha-soba didn't really taste of matcha or any cha for that matter, but I love it! It's like instant noodles but much tastier! I topped off with some shredded Japanese cucumber and a simple omelette. I added chili flakes for an extra seasoning and it was really refreshing.

Orange Yoghurt Cake

A total baking disaster! I fiddled with a recipe I had from my one and only dessert recipe book and ended with a very dense cake. Like kueh. It tasted fine, just had a weird texture. Must not mess with recipes again.

I actually have something that I've planned to come up with tomorrow, but, somehow my plans were foiled. So I hope to be able to get it up by the start of next week because school starts then. Tata!

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Patricia Scarpin said...

Your photos are breathtaking! I'm glad you're back - after finding your blog, I got addicted. :)