04 March 2007

Standing Up

I choose to protect myself. It's time to be not as nice as everyone else thinks you should, or wants you to, be. I am not going to be the always obliging one anymore. Because more often than not, people take you for granted and in the process of being obliging, you have done something that ultimately results in the penalising of your own self. I don't see why I should help people take advantage of me. I do not see why I should very kindly hand a dagger to the other party and let him/her stab me in the back with it.

I'm not saying I won't be helpful; just evaluating the extent of help that should be rendered and performing the kind act. I have, my right to decline. Especially if I deem the favour unright and undeserved.

What? Is that "selfish" I hear coming right at me? From you? Do you have the right to say that? Why don't you reflect on your own selfish, yes you read it right, selfish acts that had me thinking about all these in the first place?

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