18 February 2007

perfect domes

ah. so the chinese new year now comes! everybody has been giving me smses packed with lovely new year wishes for the year of the pig. i shall give myself a desperate attempt to be different then. i will shower myself with wishes for the piggy year!

in the year of the pig, i wish myself:
  • sufficient time for me to indulge in the lazy, piggy side of myself by sleeping in late
  • good food for me to pig out on occasionally, but not too often
  • enough spring in my step to strut out of my house without looking like i've come from a pig sty
  • a little enthusiasm on more days of the week to go out and reduce the piggy fats that i have
  • perfectly domed cupcakes like the belly of the pig
  • the pinkest of health, as pink as a pig can get
  • to be as cute as a pig! just not as fat.

happy happy piggy year everyone!

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